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Welcome to The New Oxford Institute of English Language & Computers . By visiting our website, you have become part of one of NOIEL's unique institutions of higher learning in the area of modern languages, and the first of its type in India.
The New Oxford Institute of English Language & Computers ( NOIEL ) is a tertiary institution that was established in 2010 with the aim of helping promote Indian unity through the teaching of non-Indian languages. The Institute also has the mandate the Government on issues relating to language policy.

It carries out the teaching of English at beginner, intermediate and proficiency levels, and also carries out research in and about the teaching of these languages. We also offer professionally relevant courses in bilingual secretaryship and translation, which give our graduates ready employment at home and abroad.

Our students in the School of Languages graduate with language skills which give them self-confidence and that special edge in their various fields of professional, academic and personal activity. Our flourishing and innovative academic community comprises dedicated lecturers, tutors, translators and interpreters with the capacity to evolve groundbreaking ideas in their fields of calling and inclination.

Our students are a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and come from all parts of India and overseas.
Joining our Institute is a sure sign of your intellectual and/or professional vision to chart a meaningful path towards a distinctive career. This website leads you into the Institute's historical, professional, intellectual and organizational environment, and allows you to opt for any of our numerous courses and/or services. It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to a smooth and fruitful navigation on the site of The New Oxford Institute of English Language & Computers .

Thank you for your interest in our Institute.

H. S. Prajapati
M. D.
The New Oxford Institute of English Language (NOIEL)


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