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The NOIEL is a tertiary institution that was established in 2010. It has five divisions to cater for the language and professional needs of students and the general public.

• School of Languages (SOL)
• School of Translators (SOT)
• School of Bilingual Secretaryship (SOBS)
• Research Department
• The Translation Bureau (Transbureau)

The School Of Languages (SOL)

This school has its headquarters in New Delhi. The student spends four months at each level at the end of which a certificate is awarded. This programme replaces the regular one year programme come October 2011

Special intensive courses are offered throughout the year for individuals and organizations to satisfy various languages and professional needs.

We also offer intensive vacation classes from mid July to the end of August every year.

The school has a flexible time-table to suit students who may have other obligations elsewhere.

School of Bilingual Secretaryship (SOBS)

Admission to the school of SOBS is accessible to holders of:

a) High School Certificate with credits in English Or

b) Intermediate (10+2), Or

c) Graduation

The duration of the course is from 3 months to three years.


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