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The New Oxford Institute of English Language & Computers is one of the best institutes of English Language imparting training in Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Spoken English, Advanced English and Personality Development. Trained staff and effective methods help you to learn or improve English very fast. Flexible approach make our training even more powerful. Our courses and classes are very unique and our teaching methods have been appreciated by many newspapers. We teach our students with some great unique and innovative ideas. Join us to be the best in English speaking.
Our Students say :

‘When the heart is afire, some sparks will fly out of the mouth.’ When you really have something to say and you are very enthusiastic about it you are able to speak without fear. And with a little training you can acquire the ability to express yourself powerfully. In modern world good speaking ability can prove your marvelous asset to progress to the top sphere of opportunities. And speaking before a gathering is not as difficult as most of the people think. There are persons who shiver at the thought of speaking even before a small group. To overcome the terror of public speaking seems the most formidable for them. Still the fact is that you can master the art of public speaking easily with the help of a good teacher.

NOIEL has expert teachers to help you to learn the art of public speaking. You are not only taught simple theory but also given practical training. Within few weeks you gain confidence and start speaking without hesitation. Simple techniques of NOIEL often transfer a hesitant person to a very confident speaker. Join our public speaking course to get the best public speaking classes.

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