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The Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of The New Oxford Institute of English Language & Computers is the sole body that makes representation to the Institute authorities and outside bodies for and on behalf of all students of the Institute.

The SRC is a member of the National Union of NOIEL Students (NUGS) and the National Union of Professional Students of NOIEL (GNUPS). It offers a forum for the discussion of student problems and welfare. The SRC liaises with the authorities in matters affecting students through the Dean of Students. It also sees to the implementation of NUGS’s policies and is responsible and accountable to General Assembly of students and the NUGS.

All students who are formally admitted to the Institute are automatic members of the SRC.

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the SRC. In its absence, the Central Committee determines and implements all Council policies. The Central Committee comprises the SRC Executive Committee and Presidents of the School councils. The Executive Committee is responsible for all policies and their execution. In the absence of the Central Committee, it appoints a standing committee to help in the effective discharge of its functions.

The tenure of office of the executive committee is one academic year without a second term.




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